Video golf lesson Same lenght golf club and progressive lenght golf clubs

Series of same length, and conventional sets of golf irons:

In the classical series of irons all factors are variable and increase throughout the series: loft, lie, bounce, offset, head weight and shaft length (see picture and explanations below). This forces the player through a sequence of different positions as a function of the characteristics of the particular iron being played (see diagram above). This need to change the swing for each iron makes the game of golf very complex.

In a series of irons with the same shaft length, only the loft angle changes, which is responsible for 90% of the distance the ball travels. All other factors remain the same, including and especially the shaft. In this circumstance the player always employs the same swing and the same stance with each iron and therefore strikes the ball statistically significantly more often with the center of the surface of the iron. It is precisely as if he is always playing his favorite iron! If you train to play with your 5 iron, you are also training for all of the other irons, the identical swing. A series is designed by the manufacturer to provide lofts with consistent distance increases or changes between the irons (typically 10 meters per iron).

The disadvantages: there are none known to date, as long as there is not a "mechanization" of the repetitive swing. The player must continue to work with the "feel" of the ball and avoid becoming mechanical in repeating the identical motion. The land is sloping, even just a little... The "rough" will require a more vertical swing... The ground or surface upon which the ball rests, if of varying hardness, will result in differences in the fly and spin of the ball... etc. Golf should not be restricted to mechanical repetitive motions.

The advantages are many: there is the same stance and swing regardless of the iron being played and the game performance may quickly be much improved with a more efficient and easily attainable contact 'sweet spot'. In fact, it is as if you are always playing with the same, your favorite, iron (often a 7, which is logical as it corresponds to a natural swing without 'forcing' anything).

Production of the series: given what has been explained above, it would be absurd to simply overlap all of the irons with the same length of shaft since each club head would weigh the same, have the same swingheight and shaft flexibility, the same lie and differ only with one gradation of loft angle between successive clubs.

characteristics of a golf iron head: lie, bounce, loft and offset.

Same length irons: The key measures of a golf iron.

A golf iron is characterized by five key measures of the iron head: the loft angle, the lie angle, the angle of the bounce, the offset distance and the weight of the head; and by the characteristics of the shaft.